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FFAF!! - blackrose_emo [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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FFAF!! [Jun. 23rd, 2005|10:12 pm]
[And we're feelin'... |WOOOOOO!]
[Current Moosak |Incubus: You will be a hot dancer]

Sweet god damn im going to see funeral for a friend tomorrow, and bullet for my valentine!! I just cant wait!! AGGRHHHH!!! This is gonna be sweet, but would be 20 times better if Autumn was coming :(
I cant even imagine what im gonna be like tomorrow morning.... WOOOOP!!
Wow, the sun is still out.... cool.

*The Sex pistols: God save the queen*

I still dont know what time we are coming back on saturday... i could phone Daniel... infact, my mum wants to know, so i may have to. oooooooo, i just found £5 in my pocket.... handy.
Meh, the sun has gone down now.... wow! Pretty sunset. Sweet.
I just came out the shower, so im all wet, and nice smelling. And i just ate a creme egg! :D

*Mudvain: Happy*

I think we going to drop our stuff off at the hotel before we goto FFAF. This trip is expensive, although staying in a hotel will rock, why do they come no further than Glasgow??

Ah well. I must be going now, need my beauty sleep. Il post some feedback of the concert when i get back.

Wish you were coming.
Loobe you.