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Funeral for a friend is on friday! i cant wait, im quite impressed… - blackrose_emo [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jun. 22nd, 2005|09:37 pm]


Funeral for a friend is on friday! i cant wait, im quite impressed that i remembered to give Daniel the £30 when he asked for it! (i usually forget these kinda things) and i agree with Luke £30 for a bus and hotel room to/in Glasgow is pretty god damn cheap! but Autum cant come (cries cries and cries some more) im really startin to miss her!

omg, things between me and matt are starting to get kinda wierd, we dont really talk that much anymore (we text) but that isnt the same! i saw him the other night and it was (lets say fun but akward)lying next to some one uv just screwed not knowing what to say has to be the worst feeling ever, its depressing and just (shudders).........i dont know, mabye its just one of these akward stages in a relationship! (sighs)

anyways its offical, my new time table sucks, with higher maths taking the biscuit when it comes to the amount of home work and class work we've got to do! its ridiculous!!! (as Luke will probably agree) luckily Biology and Chemistry are piss takingly easy subjects as iv discovered soooooooo i cant complain too much (yeah right im gonna complain til im blue in the face)

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i will write something else up here soon, (preferably when Autim gets back WHICH IS FRIDAY!!!) and yeah, we really need to promote cause its just the same ppl all the time (im not complaining, i luv u all) but yeah
see u all soon