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Meh [Jun. 21st, 2005|09:51 pm]
[And we're feelin'... |melancholymeh]
[Current Moosak |Funeral for a friend: Novella]

Meh, i miss you, it sucks. Dunno why, but its really got to me this evening... jees, imagine what im gonna be like during the holidays, im going to canada for 2 and a bit weeks...

Today wasnt too bad. Maths sucked. Then i played pool with a few people. Bet charles, heh. Then played poker with Calum, Mark and Jhonno, i wont the final pot, £4 up! hell yeah!
Meh, then had double computing, was okay i guess, learned more about programming, and acutally wrote a couple of programms today, its actually easy when you get the hang of it.

I want you to come with us... it sucks so much that you cant, arg. Daniel managed to get bus and hotel for £30 each, im impressed, il give him the money tomorrow. Tasia was panicking the other day when she found out that dan hadnt booked it yet. Lol. I told her eveything would be just fine.
I need to top up my phone today, I spent the £5 i was gonna use to top up in Square deal instead, god damn sex is expensive these days. Ah well, :D!

Well, must be off, speak to you another time ma homies.

Loobe ya honey.