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Gone for a while, day one. - blackrose_emo [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Gone for a while, day one. [Jun. 15th, 2005|07:17 pm]
[And we're feelin'... |dorkydorky]
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My double higher maths went alot better than originaly expected. It was fairly easy... but that WAS only the first day... Rose said she found it very hard, bless her, she's in my class this year. She says i have to help her.
Chris didnt turn up today... seriously, unless he's ill, why??? That boy is starting to annoy me, he just doesnt bother with anything...
Computing was hard, i expected it to be hard, but il get the hang of it, we started programming today, learning about binary computer language and programming commands. Meh.
But anywho.
5th and 6th period i had double nothing, so Mark, Alan, Gordo and myself wondered the corridoors escorting random 1st years to their classes, as they dont have a clue where they are going...
But still. S'all good.
No one felt like playing poker apart from me, how boring... so we did'nt...
I just watched the 3rd Harry Potter film, it was nothing like the book damn it, film producers obviously havent read the book properly enough, did you notice the fat ladies portrait randomly changes its location??? What the hell?? And Lupin looks like some moody old pervert... God im sad, but still.

I miss you already. I wait eagerly for your return. I love you.

[User Picture]From: missy1313
2005-06-16 07:30 pm (UTC)
hey Luke, i know ur probably sick of me askin this but do u know whats happening with "funeral" cause i keep meaning to ask Daniel but i can never find him?

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